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303 N. Church St. RUTHERFORD COUNTY GOVERNMENT Phone: (615) 898-7715
Murfreesboro, TN 37130 "ON-THE-JOB INJURY" CLAIM REPORT Fax: (615) 867-4602

I hereby understand that all OJI Claims are investigated by the Rutherford County (RC) Insurance Department. Completion of an OJI Claim Report or attempting to file a claim does not guarantee acceptance of the individual claim. Therefore, after a full investigation of a claim, the claim may be non-compensable although the injured employee may have already seen an OJI physician with OJI office approval. If that occurs, bills prior to the investigation will be paid in full by the Insurance Department with the understanding that the injured employee will be responsible for any further treatment or medication. I also understand the Safety Coordinator or their representative has the right to attend all visits with me and my physician.    
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If YES, please select from one of the providers listed below. Unauthorized physicians or failure to seek medical treatment within 7 days of the injury will result in your claim being denied.
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Please Note: Before seeking medical treatment, you MUST make immediate contact with the RC Insurance Department for approval.
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As is allowed by T.C.A. 50-6-106, Rutherford County (RC) has opted to withdraw from the Tennessee Worker's Compensation Act, and
instead has chosen to implement an On-The-Job Injury Program administered by the Rutherford County Insurance Department.
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